Chartered Financial Consultant® (ChFC®)

Since 1982, the Chartered Financial Consultant has remained the most extensive education available for professionals seeking a designation in financial planning. More than 41,000 individuals have attained this distinction, enabling them to effectively apply a comprehensive financial planning process to their clients’ needs.

Individuals with the ChFC designation have demonstrated their vast and thorough knowledge of financial planning. The ChFC program is administered by the American College. In addition to successful completion of an exam on areas of financial planning, including income tax, insurance, investment and estate planning, candidates are required to have a minimum of three years experience in a financial industry position.

Like those with the CFP designation, professionals who hold the ChFC charter help individuals analyze their financial situations and goals.

Standard Chartered Bank continues to lead the way by introducing value added services for its customers in its efforts to assist customers in making the right decisions when it comes to financial matters.

Customers looking to purchase a new home or to simply upgrade to a larger family home, can now gather useful tips and insights on how to go about beginning the purchase process with Standard Chartered’s Home Ownership Guide.

In this guide book, prospective home owners are guided step by step on managing finances in order to make their home purchase a reality, from documentation required for applying for housing loan to handy tips on house renovation.

“We understand how daunting the whole process of buying your own home can be, especially for first time home buyers where documentation and legal procedures may seem confusing. Hence, Standard Chartered is pleased to offer this extra guide to help home buyers or the interested public to not only make better financial decisions but to give a clearer picture on the process and stages of home purchase. Purchasing one’s own home is a special occasion and does not happen on a regular basis, hence Standard Chartered believes that being the right partner means being able to give dependable advice on what works best for each individual customer”, commented Ms Lim Su Hui, General Manager, SME and Mortgages.

This handy guidebook is available to all at any Standard Chartered Bank branch. Those interested in finding out more about the guidebook or about home loans can contact Standard Chartered’s Phone Banking Centre at 265 8000, or visit any Standard Chartered Bank branch where a Personal Financial Consultant will be on hand to assist.


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